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Flynn’s Arcade, Elementary (TV Show), 63° and Partly Cloudy

While some of those around me struggle with a material-based identity I just want a free mind. It seems all cabals of like minded interests have a small percentage that live a luxury lifestyle that the rest aspire to attain.

I want the luxury to pursue patterns and research and the rush of new ideas.

I want a lifestyle of thought and data and experimentation.

I want to publish, and be mad, and call another mad person at 2am with my “Eureka” moment, and the answer to some universal truth.



I can’t focus today, not sure where to begin on a number of projects.

Organize music? Review and organize the bookmarks in my Pocket app? Finish the Muse Taxonomy?

I have a theory about Personality and Self-Identification as a logical series. From astrology to IQ tests it seems that we expend a great deal of energy testing for the traits we want to see and not as an agnostic sphere of influence.

“Ambitious plans of youth, by do and gossip’s flame, are thus engaged.”

Complexity is a lash that by threat of embarrassing whelp we flinch from embracing.

I ramble. I rant. I am.


Neon Cityscape with Silhouette of Girl, Migraine – so no music today, 48° and Mostly Sunny


Intensity of Migraine; Akira

Symptoms and sensations include:

  • Feeling like brain is bleeding because a Nazgul cut into it with a fistful of straight razors
  • A comforting sensation when it recedes to a dull throb because Eyjafjallajökull was relocated to your frontal lobe and started erupting.
  • Also includes pain in eyes, cheeks, teeth, ears, and some other-dimensional location that you can’t name but must be important because something inside you screams whenever you get stabbed there.


DJ Tron Mixing Station, Annul (Ed Harrison // Neotokyo), 36° and Mostly Sunny

To borrow from Supernatural – The road thus far…

I had started developing a survey styled document for getting content to use on social media. Basically an interview that has specific prompts to help facilitate a deeper well of intelligence. The usual problem in social media is a lack of good content / intelligence. This process has started a paradigm in which I imagine digital marketers less as “Mad Men” and more like covert operatives. There is a book in that somewhere.

I am working on an educational Primer, as stated elsewhere in this blog, and what was once almost done feels like it will require years of work to finish.

The problem right now is that I started developing a taxonomy, using the Muse system, for a wiki or PKM using Trunk Notes.

However, as I proceeded I noticed vulnerabilities, gaps, and inconsistencies in the core language. So for the last few months I have been rewriting the base lexicon. Not bad or good but time consuming.

The benefit of a work like this is how much you are required to learn and remember to ensure a graceful complexity. Concepts and names and resources. I bookmark whatever I can.

I’m barely begun but this has allowed me to create a better foundation / introduction to the primer as a whole.

The “Art” of it is still a challenge. I am trying to develop a set of simple, core personas based on their approach to problem solving. It’s still not clicking the way I would like.

It may sound crazy but most of the time I feel like a musical prodigy, like Jimi Hendrix. I have no talent for music so let’s just get that out of the way. But I think of the story of how his version of “All Along The Watchtower” was created and I see myself, in this work. So much of this is rhythm and language. This primer isn’t a dry textbook, it’s poetry. It’s a concept album and the sound isn’t quite right.

I’ve spent months (years) agonizing over details, wording, organization etc. When I started this I was with an almost completely different group of people than I’m with now. Like band members being replaced as the vision changes.

No one grasps the poetry of it, the rhythm. If I tell people about the Primer they talk about similar works or the nobility of it.

I can FEEL a core language to education, enlightenment, and personal evolution that transcends the white lighter, pay as you go philosophies with permanent positions in our zeitgeist of day time talk shows and memetic “meanings of life.”

Most of the time it seems like the best I will accomplish is a bunch of text pad documents and spreadsheets with a basic framework and other stuff to research.

If I died today this magnum opus would be gone, like tears in rain. Yes, I went Bladerunner.

So at the moment I am attempting to develop a word cloud for each Muse that will include a wide field of possible permutations for usage. A couple are already done but the Apostle was really difficult.

That is where some of my converse of music stems as the Apostle is about the gospel. Rhythm and art and message as medium. I’ve known a few people that fit the Apostle persona, from back when this system was closer to a new zodiac. (We’ve come a thankfully long way since then.)

Apostles are artists and travelers. It is all about the journey and how that journey complements their inner song. That private music or rhythm that moves them from place to place, medium to medium.

It’s about doing, experiencing something new, transcending mores and mundanity.

But I don’t think it’s about originality or creating. This isn’t starting a movement but subsuming yourself in the avant garde. Not so much the 60s as the 80s. More like Party Monster than Studio 54. The fandom not the movie.

I don’t know. That doesn’t feel right either. As if I need to identify polarities on the Apostle spectrum. Ugh.

I need a team of PhDs. My current team is wonderful but their skills are in other arenas.

Still, at least I’m making progress.

Hello Clever (see below), The Man Who Sold The World, 41° and Mostly Cloudy

The Inner Sanctum of the Hive, restricted to vetted users isn’t a newsfeed social network. It’s called Sigil and it’s a city.

The vision will probably vastly differ from the reality, but, like Flynn, I’ll be optimistic. So imagine a social network with an interface that uses Google Maps. Let the permutations sink in.

Want to see what’s trending? Put on the traffic view.

Use Street View to see in depth information on the individual buildings.

Each building would be an Athaneum, Senate, Laboratory, or Warehouse with spheres of knowledge segmented by an overarching thematic architecture, then by contextual relationship to neighbors, or even just availability of space.

By entering a building you can join a SIM or MMORPG styled POV and interact with objects in the environment or other occupants.

There would be standard municipal structures like capital building, court house, DPW, and more to handle the intersection between interaction and operational layer.

Why not create a custom map that is essentially a list of your “likes” or “bookmarks”?

A “radio tuner” or “ticker” styled display will let you listen in on converse from any buildings with open channels, filtered by topic (like a hashtag), friends, or even keyword.

Sigil is a city of networks. Sigil would exist to be as “real” as anything in the real world. By that I mean jobs, friends, night life, and more. The potential to live in Sigil would be a core tenet of its construction.

What if there was a Department of Intersectional Services?

DIS would be devoted to providing all the information you need to cheaply and smoothly transition as much of your “real life” to a Sigil-centric paradigm. Like providing a listing for how to automate the delivery of groceries, bill payment, and even employment / career centers.

Anything that would help you manage the intersection between meat space and Sigil. This would also include tips on addiction and how to warnings on exercise, health etc.

I don’t want to promote a total divorce from physical reality but create something that provides deeper engagement and rewards than meat space. When we say “real life” what we mean is Microsoft Word, drinking, and commuting. There should be more than that.

All the time we spend on digital and it still feels like tourism.

Sigil would be the native soil.

That’s the dream in any case.


On a side note: I have a blind spot for irony and what makes something ironic. Internet research turns up a vast and ineffable array of definitions for what isn’t irony but not how to identify it when it happens. Maybe it’s like muscle memory, the more you fixate on the proper use of irony the better you understand it. I don’t know. What I do know is that my wife and I, she has the same blind spot, have this inside joke about it. There is this artistic parody of a Lovecraft book cover that we jokingly use as our definition of irony. artistic source was readily available"

…no artistic source was readily available”

So anytime something is so ineffable as to be humorous or horrific -
“What the fuck is that?”
“Must be irony.”

It’s probably funnier if you were there.

Here is a link if you want to purchase your very own “Hello Clever” Tee Shirt.

Hello Clever by Clockwork Dragon Designs

Hello Clever by Clockwork Dragon Designs

Fight Club, Castle Season 3, 34° and Clear Night

Ray Bans

A digital bio is meant to be like a good song or a painting. It is meant to stay with the reader and evoke a sense of the its author. It should have cadence and intensity enough to keep your attention, but avoid repetitive or needless liturgy. Sadly I am an author who can’t write bios. I excel at self-reflection but fails at form and standardized style. What is a good sense of me? I love my wife. I have tattoos and cats. I live in Salem, a city in which I claim some authority. I write. I know marketing, strategy, and pattern recognition. Beyond that your guess is as good as mine.

I will make every attempt to stay focused but sometimes I might post something random or inane. Most blogs have some “disclaimer” to that effect but I seriously have no desire to effect a real strategy that might label me into something unsavory. I am not really anything interesting so suffice to say this entire blog is really dedicated to keeping away hell’s dark faeries that flit around us molding us into smiling nothings.

My ambition, categorized by passion over strategy, is to celebrate a new human community I call the Aurea Lepus. This diatribe of hyperbole, wild irrationality, and inconclusive absolutes is nothing more than tools to be examined, sharpened, and added to a toolbox where this community values an Arete of Energy.